02 June, 2009

Wright's Dairy Farm

A true gem is hidden on Woonsocket Hill Road in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. Wright's Dairy Farm peaks out down a winding country road. Pulling in, you see a sign stating "BAKERY IN BACK" followed by a small parking lot. The smell of farm in unique and sometimes quite putrid, though just quickly run inside the bakery away from the Mike Rowe 'Dirty Jobs' love fest, and you enter a confectionery paradise.

First thing, the milk coolers stretch throughout the left wall containing hundreds of gallons of milk of all varieties. Why have all this milk? The massive bakery counter holding assorted sweet and savory pastries, with them all being very affordable. The true star is the fresh whipped cream that is just light years beyond anything available in the grocer's cooler. Seasonal items like hot cross buns for lent and Christmas cookies allow you to celebrate seasons the right way. Other products like the assorted fruit squares (my favorite is the raspberry) and cakes just blow the competition away. The savory selections are decent, but the sweets overshadow them.

One thing the farm is missing is a place to sit and enjoy, perhaps featuring a small cafe. This would make the farm's bakery a perfect spot, since having the drive-home wait before eating such things is one of the worst forms of torture. Perhaps the best product are the small cup-sized milk jugs filled with regular, chocolate, or coffee milk. They're so fresh, you can taste buttery notes in the milk.

Wright's Dairy Farm is located on Woonsocket Hill Road in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. They milk the cows daily and the milk is as fresh as hygienically possible.


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Rating: B+

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