04 June, 2009

Asia Grille

Amid a sea of cheap Chinese advertised with tri-fold mailers shines a silver coin. Lincoln's Asia Grille maintains its reputation as best Asian food in Blackstone Valley. Asian can be a bit of a misnomer, since Asia Grille serves mainly American Chinese food, but the food is so delicious no one seems to care. The only really negative to this resturaunt is their name claiming to serve Asian food, despite a lack of overall pan-Asian cuisine (which could include Turkish, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and even Russian food).

Easily excused with a bowl of their delicious Chicken Won-ton soup. So cheap yet so high quality you'll want to eat it daily. Wonderfully tender wontons float like koi in a delicious golden chicken broth. A slice of cured pork and chicken breast float with the dumplings, and it's finished with a leaf of lettuce, wilted by the heat. If you're feeling hungry, order the larger size with noodles for an extra treat.

The entrees are mainly American Chinese favorites, like Chop Suey, Egg Foo Young, assorted flavored chicken dishes, and Lo Mein (a vietnamese entry, the Asian extension?). I've yet to have a bad meal, so I can't really complain about anything. Maybe their Egg Rolls aren't the best, but I tend to not like fried foods. Their Steak and Chicken Teriyaki are just amazing and make a much better (and healthier) appetizer.

Service is always wonderful, with the staff being both knowledgable and helpful when managing through the massive menu. The bar was a tad small for a restaurant that size that also boasts kareoke, but then just give me a bowl of chicken wonton and I will forgive anything.

Asia Grille is located at the Lincoln Mall plaza next to the Mall itself.


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Rating: A-

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