07 June, 2009

Kay's Restaurant (Woonsocket)

Hidden deep within Woonsocket is an unassuming bar off Mendon road. Across the street is a large vacant lot, and they fill it. Kay's Restaurant is basically a bar with a dining room that serves simple sandwiches and a plate of nachos and cheese. Why bother with this small pub? Because of the Steak Sandwiches. If they're not world famous, they should be.

The menu is the first indicator that this place isn't a normal restaurant. You sit in nicely decorated settings that call more to an English tearoom or an upscale steakhouse rather than a simple sandwich shop. You sit and the waitress hands you... a napkin? That's right, simplicity is zen, right? Kay's nails it. They over standard sandwich meats; tuna, turkey, ham, etc. You want the steak. It's tender and perfectly cooked and compliments the buttery bun they serve it on. You then can choose toppings to go on top, ranging from lettuce and tomato to sauteed mushrooms and onions. Every sandwich is served with potato chips, pickles, and a pepperoncini. A simple sandwich with a perfect taste.

The chips and salsa/cheese are a generic offering, and that's basically it for the menu. Perhaps some more variety could help? Still, the steak sandwiches are perfect. If you want a perfect steak sandwich, well I am repeating it for a reason.

Kay's is located on 1013 Cass Ave in Woonsocket, RI, their phone number is (401) 762-9675. It is moderately priced, with everything costing about 10 dollars a person.

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Rating: B+

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