28 September, 2009

Teppanyaki Asian Cuisine

Situated in the Franklin Shopping Center is a small Japanese restaurant (featuring Chinese cuisine also) called Teppanyaki Asian Cuisine. The true name for flat-iron cooking (hibachi means something else), the interior looked like many other Benihana clones. The interior was also filled with Polaroids of previous customers enjoying themselves, a nice touch but an indicator this would not be gourmet cooking.

Me and my wife ordered the Bento. Mine was wonderful; delicious clear onion soup, nice onion-ginger sauteed chicken, and a selection of avocado and cucumber maki. My wife was less satisfied with hers. For one, they gave her Nigri Sushi instead of Sashimi. Easily fixed, except the waitress and Sushiya vanished. She enjoyed her soup, but the gyoza she ordered with the soup were undercooked and floating in an odd clear liquid. The gyoza also reminded me heavily of frozen dumplings I have bought at Trader Joes. Hmmm.0

Not bad, but could use some interior improvements and more cooking. There was some potential, but they overcharged for boring Japanese food. The sushi and soup were great, just everything else needed more work. I would maybe eat here again, but only if I heard things improved.

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Rating: C+

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