27 December, 2009

5 Guys Burgers and Fries

I was actually in Miami the first time I ever saw a sign for the 5-Guys Burgers and Fries franchise. The chain is nationwide, yet it is also critically acclaimed for fresh food and clean surroundings. The burger-joint started with an open kitchen and clean interior. 5 Guys does not skimp on this, featuring the cleanest bathroom I've ever seen in a fast food restaurant.

The menu remains simple; burgers, fries, and hot dogs. The portions are generous for a cheap price. Every location also offers free peanuts (because everything fried is done so in peanut oil).

The burgers are freshly cooked and made of high quality beef. The buns are so-so, but 5 Guys offers a generous amount of free toppings (except cheese :( ). They were nicely griddled, but I'm more accustomed to eating freshly grilled burgers. Still, the portion was nice and a regular burger (with 2 patties) easily satisfies.

5 Guys is famous for their freshly cooked french fries. Every order is served in a bag with the fries overflowing. They fresh idaho spuds have a clean taste because of the peanut oil. I haven't tried the optional 'cajun spice', but they could only make the meal tastier.

5 Guys and Fries produces a better bag of french fries than a burger, but the burger is still good for the price. There's definately worse food to eat, but a bag of fries are just good walking around food when trekking around the massive Patriot Place complex. I would prefer grilled burgers and perhaps cheaper cheese, but then I get so many other vegetables on my burger I suppose it does not matter.

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Rating: B

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