29 May, 2009

Caserta Pizzeria

If you want Pizza, go to Federal Hill and seek out Acorn Street, and go to Caserta Pizzeria. The sauce is amazing, their dough is perfectly cooked, and the toppings are a wonderful compliment and don't overpower the other ingredients. Too many places either put too much cheese or sauce, or it's just a delivery vehicle for 10 pounds of meat. Caserta Pizza focuses on the zen of Pizza, balancing everything so it tastes like a pizza should.

The restaurant is also known for their Wimpy Skimpy, a spinach pie stuffed with canned spinach, pepperoni, olives, and cheese. Why canned spinach over fresh baby spinach? It just tastes better and honestly sometimes you need a little canned spinach in a world filled with baby greens. The dough on the Wimpy Skimpy seems different than the other pizza dough, it comes out with a more french consistency, being airy and buttery.

The exterior and interior may turn some connoisseurs off, but no authentic brick-oven pizza joint can ever replicate the texture and taste that Caserta Pizzeria delivers. It's located off Atwells Avenue on Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island. They only take cash but have an ATM on site.


Rating: A+

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