10 November, 2013

Rasoi of Pawtucket

Rasoi in Pawtucket represents the pinnacle of Indian cuisine in Rhode Island. The interior sports primary colors and large photos of India. Beautiful red dividers give intimate spaces while an island bar offers an all-you-can-eat buffet on Sundays. Everything was clean and the pleasant smells of spices filled the entire restaurant.

First we receive papadum served with a tamarind sauce and marinated onions; an Indian version of chips and salsa. The chips are served in a nice wire basket with holders for the two toppings. By themselves, the papadum are tasty made of either lentils or potato (or both?) flavored with what appeared to be caraway seeds. Each bite was crispy and addicting. The tamarind sauce, like a sweet ketchup, complimented the papadum better than the marinated onions. A bitterness kept the onions from being enjoyable.

We had the chicken Varuval as an appetizer. A delicate dish of griddled chicken topped with red onions, cilantro, and a savory yogurt sauce. The chicken bits were wonderfully cooked and coated with a piquant spice blend. The cool sauce complimented the chicken's spice.

For dinner we had the Hyderabadi Chicken Korma and the Aloo Gobhi with jasmine Basmati rice and plain nan. The Korma, served a lovely silver bowl, is a dish of chicken braised in a yogurt-cashew-coconut sauce. Warming and inviting, the nan soaked up the sauce perfectly. Each piece of chicken itself was wonderfully moist and tender. As contrast, the vegetarian Aloo Gobhi represented sweet and tangy. Aloo Gobhi is a dish of potatoes and cauliflower cooked in tomatoes and onions. Both dishes came with small ramekins of lentils that, while tasty, were out of place flavor-wise.

Overall the food is 5-stars. Unfortunately the service hindered an otherwise wonderful experience. Instead of one server, we had a rotating cast who seemed unfamiliar with our requests. We ordered an extra nan bread mid-course and never received the quick-cooking bread. After finishing the meal we had some chicken Korma remaining that would have reheated well the next day. Unfortunately the waiter forgot we asked for it to be wrapped up as we inquired about the missing order of nan.

Rasoi features great Indian food served in great portions for a reasonable price. Service was the only downside in the dinning experience. The staff could use further training or proper management to ensure everything runs smoothly. Had a manager come over to check on the patrons we would have inquired about our missing food. Rasoi's menu and website are available here.

Rating: B+

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