03 April, 2012


A recent addition to Garden City is Pink Berry. I had always had Red Mango prior (the Burger King to their McDonalds) so this competitive establishment piqued my curiosity. I knew of their existence from prior national ads and mentions in popular culture. To know that finally Rhode Island received the exalted franchise made this an irresistible visit.

The design of the parlor is very modern. Bright colors and lighting made the interior alluring. One downside was the exceptionally long line, though that's always good for the owner. Tables were small and chairs were few and far between, but to me frozen yogurt is a walking food.

Upon ordering, you get the choice of either a single or 'twist' flavor selection from 6 available flavors. Only 3 pairs are truly twisted (like original and Blood orange, who's spouts were next to each other), with other 'twists' being simply the flavors extruded next to each other.

The first flavor my wife and I tried was Pomegranate. We are massive fans of Red Mango's pomegranate flavor (officially supported by Juice maker Pom Wonderful). Pink Berry's disappointed, tasting like just sweet red yogurt rather than pomegranate.

Thankfully, the flavors improved. We next tried Original and Blood Orange. Both were amazing; the original tasted similar to the Pomegranate but lacked the overwhelming sweetness that dominated the prior. The Blood Orange was also amazing, though one down side was the blood orange toppings, which tasted more like segments of grapefruit. After tasting both seperately, we noticed that the pair could be truly twisted, and the result blew away any creamsicle found at a summer ice cream truck.

Next we tried Chocolate and Peppermint. The chocolate was rich and dark and complimented brownie bites well. The peppermint fit the Christmas Season motif perfectly and was just minty enough to leave a wonderful aftertaste without leaving a 'just-brushed-my-teeth' feeling.

Pink Berry is a great yogurt spot, though the volume and some issues with the flavors and toppings kept me from feeling that this is the superior color+fruit themed yogurt parlor. The greatest benefit of Pink Berry is the friendly staff that will let you try anything. I wholey suggest trying each flavor before ordering, even if the rest of the long line disagrees.

Rating: B+

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