15 February, 2010

Spike's Junkyard Dogs

Hot Dogs are quickly becoming 'real food' to true connoisseurs. Many long scoffed at hot dogs for poor ingredients and simple toppings. Newer breeds have higher quality meat and better toppings on actual rolls. That's not to say a good old-fashioned hot dog with a shot of mustard, but everyone wants a high quality hot dog for a meal. I previously reviewed Larry Joe's Fire pit, arguably one of the best hot dogs in the north east. Spike's Junkyard Dogs have taken the title of best chain hot dog.

I stopped into the North Providence shop. Despite the name (Junkyards aren't haute couture), everything was clean. I ordered a Chili & Cheddar along with a Ball Park Dog. The Chili and Cheddar was topped with... well Chili and Cheddar. The Chili was tasty, but had too many beans, while cheese was a nice layer of melted Vermont cheddar. The Ball Park dog featured a normal mustard, nice fresh chopped onions (I noticed a large bag hanging in the kitchen), and another layer of the nice cheddar. Both featured a nicely baked bun that was anything but generic, while the dog itself tasted like a Kayem. A nice little meal of two of my favorite Dogs, and I was pleased.

Spikes offered nice bread, toppings, and a clean interior. The chili was rather normal, and the hot dog tasted generic. The price, while cheap, did not inspire me to spend more for otherwise decent hot dogs.

Spike's menu and locations can be found on their website.

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Rating: B

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