12 November, 2009

The Burrito Company

When it comes to good Mexican, there's either American Mexican or authentic Mexican. Both are good when done well, and the Burrito Company does it right.

I first encountered the restaurant from a booth at a local festival. I ordered a simple chicken burrito, and I was shocked by the portion. Big burritos are becoming popular, but nothing ruins things like an untasty meal. The burrito was good with a flavorful (albeit not too Mexican flavored) shredded chicken, though it suffered from too-watery lettuce and plain tomatoes instead of a flavorful pico de gallo. This could be forgiven since the burrito was prepared outdoors. I decided to give the company a second chance.

The second time was the charm. I stopped in and ordered the rice and bean burrito. I was again blessed with a large burrito and a nice side of rice and refried beans. Both sides were good, but the burrito was much better than what I had before. The large amount of vegetables put a normal salad to shame, and the beans were highly tasty and rich.

The restaurant's interior was very clean and stylish, including a large 'tree' crafted out of wire and white Christmas lights. Parking was a tad odd, since I had to park in the hospital parking lot across the street. It's hard to enjoy a meal when you're unsure if your car will be towed. This is a peril when eating in a city, however.

The Burrito company is located on Cass Street in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Their website is: http://www.theburritoco.com/

Rating: B+

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